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Tattoo Eyebrows – investing in yourself

Cosmetic tattooing is considered to be the makeup of the future and tattoo eyebrows is becoming more and more popular. Worldwide, women use this procedure to enhance their overall looks. Under this procedure, hypo allergenic pigments are implanted into the skin by using either a very small machine comprising of a very fine needles or a hand tool of very fine needles. The end result is something that is totally different from that of conventional tattooing. You will find that there are no heavy blocks of color but just simple and beautiful enhancement, all done in a natural manner. While undergoing this procedure, anesthetic is used to decrease any pain or discomfort that you may feel.

Quite often decorative tattooing is done on different parts of the upper body like your arms or your back or even chest by using solid colored ink to get a permanent make up. If you are planning to have a touch of permanent and semi-permanent tattoo makeup to your eyebrows then you should look at using a technique called the feather touch eyebrow tattoo which helps in giving your eyebrows a natural and realistic look.


How to enhance your looks with Feather Touch

Just imagine what you would look like if you used a solid block of color for your eyebrows. The end result may not be what you are looking for at all. Now consider how you can use and draw with an eyebrow pencil to enhance the lines or darken the color. If you are using a good pencil, you will find no difficulty in using light touches to trace the hairs that do not exist. In fact,you can actually give a very good representation of the hairs with soft and feathery strokes with this technique. Even when a regular tattoo machine is used with this technique.


It is said that a well balanced eyebrow gives framing and emphasis to your entire face. Feather touch eye brow tattooing actually helps in lifting the eye brows to give them a youthful look. In fact you can now get rid of various concerns like thin and over plucked eyebrows or sparse and very light natural eyebrows by correcting and addressing them. This helps in adding fullness and definition without actually having to compromise on the natural look. The best part of feather touch eye brow tattooing is that you can actually reshape or reconstruct every eyebrow by replicating each hair strand at a microscopic level to give your eye brows a very realistic and natural look.

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